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What's the LUX value

A projection screen should always respect the special needs required for a projection surface. For an optimal display either of a static or motioned image, the luminosity factor of the screen should be about 5 times higher than those of the room where it is positioned - experts call this an optimal display. The luminosity factor is indicated in Lux (lx) and measured with a so-called lux meter. Not every room can be completely darkened and the different screen materials offer a different light reflexion.

Both beamer and screen are important

For the viewer not the lux value emitted by your projection device is important, but the one being reflected by the screen. This value depends on the strength of the light source and its distance to the screen. The bigger the image surface (the higher the distance), the lower the lux value of the screen. So-called high gain projection screens have different illumination zones, the reflection of the light varies so that some parts of the image are brighter. Normal projection screens generally don’t intensify the incoming light, but they can bundle the reflected light a little.
Different qualities

Producers of screen material offer their products in different qualities and respecting different parameters of reflection behaviour. There are light absorbing materials as well as tinted ones, but also filter devices for your source of light to reduce the lux value of your screen. The contrast values on the screen can be optimized by reducing the light incidence of any other source than the projector as well as by an oversized screen. Given a strong projector and a well darkened room, the desired lux value is sufficient when the viewer is able to enjoy the displayed image without any disturbing side effects. If the lux value referring to surrounding area is too low, it helps to reduce the distance between projector and screen. Due to the fact that an individual lux value depends on several parameters, a „lux capacity“ or indication of the lux value doesn’t make sense without the corresponding distances, screen sizes and projection intensity.


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